Friday, 5 July 2013

To Gupta or not to Gupta that is the question

I wrote a lot about Gupta a year or so ago on an ME/CFS forum, I tracked my progressed using it.

What is it? Well, you may have heard of the lightening process (LP), it's  a bit like that, only it doesn't requiring you re-mortgaging your house to do it, nor does it tell you 'Stand and Walk, a miracle has been cured because ME doesn't exist It's All in Your Mind!' Like the LP however, it uses Coaching and Neurolinguistic  Programming methods (NLP), but it takes a more humane approach than LP, it is slower and the most important thing from my point of view is YOU CAN GET A REFUND if it doesn't work.

I know when I first got ill and heard about LP it was very difficult not to consider trying it. Lets face it we are all desperate to get better and we think, what is that works for me? What if I waste the next X years being ill and it could have worked for me? Hey it may be £700 for 3 days workshop, but what if.... I think that's what I hate about LP the way it exploits that fear and hope. I used to do coaching and training in the voluntary sector and I know that I would never charge more than £200-300 a day for running a workshop, that's for all the participants, so divide that by even 5 people and it shouldn't cost each person more than £200.

Anyway I digress into my loathing for LP, back to Gupta. I don't think Gupta is ripping people off, or trying to tell them it's all in their minds. He was ill, he has recovered, and he is sharing what he learnt and developed whilst making a good living from it. It costs about £100 for a set of dvds that take you through the whole process. If you are not satisfied after trying the method for 6 months you can get a full refund! That's what I did. I did find it immensely helpful, it took me from walking slower than my 74 year old mother, and getting no further than 200 yrds on a good day to being able to walk for 10 mins or so a day. It was hard work, it took a leap of faith to overcome my fear that I might be damaging myself in some way, but it was really worth trying. So why did I get a refund? Because it didn't completely cure me in 6 months and hasn't since and I know I gave it a really good shot, but it promised a full recovery and there was no quibble with getting my money back. So on balance I would urge anyone to try it, it could make a big difference to your health and you never know you could be at the stage where your body has recovered enough that it actually does help you make a full recovery. What have you got to lose? Only your time and hey you've probably got plenty of that on your hands as you lie around in bed. And if it doesn't help enough? Get a refund. Don't be too British about it, just send the dvds back and know you only wasted the postage.

If you want to know more about what it entails let me know and I'll tell you more!

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